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China INE crude price climbs on bullish EIA data

Guangzhou (JLC), December 1, 2022--The price of crude futures on China’s Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) continued upward on Thursday, following bullish inventory data from th

12-1-2022 19:35:36

Crude stocks at Shandong ports edge up on slower consumption

Guangzhou (JLC), December 1, 2022--The crude stocks at Shandong ports edged up in the week to December 1, after local consumption slowed down further.

12-1-2022 19:11:44

Sinopec boosts November crude runs sharply

Guangzhou (JLC), December 1, 2022--Sinopec boosted its crude runs sharply in November 2022, due to large oil product exports and efforts to achieve its annual production targets before the y

12-1-2022 18:04:46

China styrene exports surge on higher capacity, unexpected demand rise

China styrene exports rose in 2021-2022 amid capacity increases and unexpected foreign demand.

12-1-2022 18:00:49

Zhongce Rubber to add new tire project in East China

Zhongce Rubber will build a new all-steel tire project with a capacity of 2.5 million pieces/yr in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

12-1-2022 17:12:28

State-owned oil companies raise November refinery run rates on large exports

Guangzhou (JLC), December 1, 2022--Chinese state-owned oil companies raised their refinery operating rates in November, due to large oil product exports and efforts to achieve their annual p

12-1-2022 14:45:41

Independents’ refining margins slump as sales revenue dives

Guangzhou (JLC), December 1, 2022--Shandong-based independents’ refining margins for domestic crude plummeted into negative territory this week, the first time since mid-August, mainly owi

12-1-2022 12:03:46

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