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PE freight rates increase on strict supervision on overload

China PE market prices increased amid higher freight rates, as the span bridge accident in East China’s Wuxi City led to strict inspections on overload.

10-18-2019 13:36:31

Crude stocks at Shandong ports up on more cargoes

Guangzhou (JLC), October 18, 2019--The crude stocks at Shandong ports climbed modestly this week, as more cargoes have been unloaded, despite higher refinery operating rates, JLC data shows.

10-18-2019 10:34:46

ChemChina starts exporting gasoline from Shandong

Guangzhou (JLC), October 17, 2019--China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) has started to export gasoline from its Shandong-based subsidiaries, according to market sources.

10-17-2019 20:22:12

INE crude plunges on demand concerns

Guangzhou (JLC), October 17, 2019--Crude futures prices on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) platform plunged on Thursday because of demand concerns.

10-17-2019 19:57:59

Shandong to build Yulong refining, chemical complex before Dec 20

Shandong province is expected to start the construction of a refining and chemical complex at Yulong island, Yantai before December 20.

10-17-2019 16:50:58

Shandong-based independents' naphtha output climbs in Sep

Beijing (JLC), October 17, 2019--Shandong-based independent refiners’ naphtha production in September was 12.02% higher from month-ago level at 677,740 mt, JLC data shows.

10-17-2019 16:36:05

LNG prices surge amid upcoming heating season

Beijing (JLC), October 17, 2019--Domestic liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices surged to high levels in October, as the demand rose with heating season drawing near.

10-17-2019 15:59:09

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